Stotorget in Galma Stan
How many days to spend in Stockholm


3 days

Culture buffs

3-4 days

Globetrotters – 24 hours in Stockholm


Morning Gamla Stan
Afternoon Vasa Museum
Evening Djurgården & Södermalm
Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Gamla Stan

The best introduction to Stockholm is undoubtedly in the charming old town Gamla Stan, situated on its own island between the city centre Norrmalm & Södermalm to the south. Take a few hours to wonder through the colorful pedestrianised streets & perhaps check out some of the galleries. Don’t miss the Royal Palace, which has a changing of the guard around midday (check the times outside the Palace) & Stotorget, which is the old town’s main square, off which is the Nobel museum. The old town is very compact & can be covered in just a couple of hours.

Stotorget in Galma Stan

Stotorget in Gamla Stan

After grabbing some lunch, take a ferry from the south side of Gamla Stan, or alternatively rent a city bike or walk over to Djurgården. By walking or riding you have the advantage of being able to pass by Kungsträdgården (a nice large garden) and the Opera House along the way. Once over the bridge to Djurgården, visit the Vasa Museum. This is Stockholm’s not to be missed museum displaying a massive ship that sank in the Stockholm harbour in 1628 & stayed there until it was eventually brought above ground largely intact in the 1960′s. Being submerged for over 300 years, how it has remained intact is quite incredible and the scale of the ship will take your breath away.

In the afternoon if the weather allows, spend some time walking around Djurgården, especially towards the northern shoreline. Then if you’re feeling young at heart, make your way towards Gröna Lund Tivoli for some fun, or alternatively spend the evening in funky Södermalm where there are many restaurants & bars to spend the remainder of your first day in Stockholm. The Katarinahissen lift in Slussen was recently taken out of service & the fine views overlooking Gamla Stan can now be enjoyed for free by walking up some nearby stairs.

Djurgarden, Stockholm

Exploring Djurgarden


Vacationers – 72 hours in Stockholm

Follow the Globetrotters itinerary for Day 1.


Morning Stadshuset & Riddarholmen
Afternoon Djurgården / Skansen
Evening Skeppsholmen & Gamla Stan
Skeppsholmsbron bridge

Skeppsholmsbron bridge

Although it may not be the world’s most aesthetically pleasing city hall from the outside, a tour of Stadshuset‘s interior where the Nobel prize banquet is held every year will not disappoint. Also, a climb of the bell tower rewards you with the best viewpoint Stockholm offers. After enjoying a walk around the gardens by the water, walk on the boardwalk over to Riddarholmen, the island next to Gamla Stan filled with many significant and parliament buildings.

If you didn’t get a chance to walk around Djurgården on Day 1, spend some time today taking in this peaceful place, or hire a city bike to cover more ground. Skansen is an ‘outdoor museum’ with many reconstructions of traditional Swedish houses and buildings that were brought from all over Sweden and reassembled here. It is a worthwhile visit & although mainly geared towards families & children, the sights will appeal to all ages. If you want to avoid the kids & crowds go in the late afternoon, although there may not be as many events at this time of day.

In the late afternoon or early evening (and in the summertime it’ll still be as light as day) it’s a nice walk going over the Skeppsholmsbron bridge to the Skeppsholmen island and then continuing to Kastelholmen and admiring the view and/or sunset from the Kastel (if you’re planning on heading to the Moderna Museet on Day 3 or 4, skip this until when you visit the museum).

At least one of your evenings need to be spent in Gamla Stan as it is even more charming at night, and Norrmalm is pretty dead after 6pm. There are a number of good restaurants on Osterlangatan & near the bridge to Slussen.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan


DAY 3 – Stockholm Archipelago

Now for a complete change of pace, spend your 3rd day out of the city and taking in the Stockholm Archipelago which is made up of thousands of tiny islands. You’ll get a glimpse of a different, slower & quieter pace of life for inhabitants on the islands. There’s many options of what island to visit & it all depends how much of the day you want to dedicate to the boat trip. The most popular excursion is to Voxholm, approx. 1hr away by boat. It is also connected by land, so can be reached by bus as well. 1-2hrs wandering around is all you’ll need. Grinda is another popular island for a day trip and is even more low-key than Vaxholm, but as it is inaccessible by cars will give you an even more authentic ‘archipelago experience’.

Vaxholm, Stockholm Archipelago

Vaxholm, Stockholm Archipelago

Culture buffs

Follow the Globetrotters itinerary for Days 1-3, then you might want to spend one more day or half day to check out some of the following: (alternatively skip the boat trip or just return a little earlier on Day 3):

Day 3-4

Moderna Museet
Galleries in Sodermalm

Royal Palace
Nordiska Museet (for convenience, go here on the same day you visit the Vasa Museum)

Days mapped out

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