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How long to spend in Kyoto

Geisha, Maiko, tea houses, shrines & preserved alleys, Kyoto is the embodiment of traditional and old-world Japan. No visit to the country is complete without a visit here! There is just such a seemingly limitless amount of sights and things to do in this charming city that it can be difficult knowing where to start.

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How long to spend on Phi Phi Island

This time I’m going to break from the expected and write about ‘Days on an island’. Well, it’s technically two. Despite being mostly destroyed in 2004′s disastrous tsunami it has since been re-born. Popularized by the film ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo Dicaprio it is frequently visited by day-trippers from Phuket or Krabi, but there is also a tranquil side to Phi Phi with beaches that you’re unlikely to ever forget.

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How many days in Tokyo

A city of many cities. How much time do you need to see it all? Start by immersing yourself in the old Tokyo at Asakusa and the incredible Senso-ji Temple. If you’ve come in peak season, you won’t want to wait to see the cherry blossoms at nearby Ueno Park. Tokyo is a city of many contrasts and next head into the 21st century at Akihabara, and popular areas: Harajuku, Shibiya & Shinjuku.

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