About MeHi, I’m Jeremy and I hope that you will find this site to be a useful resource for planning your next big journey. Having planned numerous adventures myself in recent years including an around-the-world trip, and living on the opposite corner of the globe to my hometown of Sydney, the first and most important question I typically type into a search engine when putting together a travel itinerary is “How many days do I need in…” a particular place. It’s a question that has no definitive answer. You can spend hours crawling the web trying to find a well informed answer to this question, and usually, the most common answer you will find is:

“It depends who is asking”


“Go and read a travel guide”

Yes, of course! But I rarely find these answers very helpful.

Who really has the time to read through travel guides and research thoroughly every single place you are going to, especially when it’s a big trip or an around-the-world adventure. You just want a simple, straight forward answer to start with, right!? A general figure to work your itinerary and flights around. You can figure out more of the specifics later on, or when you’re actually there.

My aim

This blog is here to help answer the question of how long an average traveller would need to spend in a particular city or place, in a minimum number of days. It often seems impossible to get a straight forward answer to this, so I’m going to try and simplify it as much as possible.

Of course whenever the question is raised,

“How long should I spend in Paris?”
“How many days do I need in New York?”

…you are going to find a huge range of answers, from 1 day to a lifetime. Let’s be realistic, most travelers don’t have a lifetime to see each and every city they journey to! And no matter how little time you have too, if you’re making the effort to get there you want to make sure you’re not missing out on some of the essential experiences that make that place unique.

Types of travelers

Depending on your interests, who you’re travelling with and where you are coming from is going to have a huge influence on how much time in a place is right for you. To make things simple I have identified three basic groups of travelers that at different times we can all probably associate with.

The controversy

The main point of this blog however, is to provide a starting point for conversation. I’m not saying my answers are necessarily the RIGHT answers or the best answers for you, they are suggested as the minimum time frame to spend in each place.  Of course the more time you have, the better! But if time is of the essence, these are nevertheless well informed & researched itineraries based on real experience, unlike itineraries in guides which are usually quite unrealistic about how much you can fit into each day. They also often feature sponsored promotions without your knowledge, perhaps written by a journalist who was paid and sent to a city to write glowing reports about particular products (especially travel articles in newspapers! Guilty). I attempt to remain as objective as possible and my answers are here to promote discussion and gauge opinions on the topic.

Your say – dynamic itineraries

I feel that the knowledge I have gained from my research, having my head immersed in numerous travel guides for years, and my personal experiences travelling through 45 countries can be passed onto other travelers, who like me, are asking the exact same question when attempting to put together their trip itinerary. So please, take a read, then contribute your own two cents in the comments or take a vote in the polls.

These itineraries are continual works in progress and the best part of them being on a blog rather than being in a printed guide is that they are dynamic and can change constantly. The more involved and the more you comment in response to my suggestions, the more these itineraries will be shaped to help future visitors make an informed decision about how to plan for their next adventure.



About this site

Ever wondered how long you need to spend in a particular city or place? You can spend hours crawling the web trying to find a well informed answer.

This site aims to answer the question of how long most travelers would need to spend in a particular city or place in a minimum number of days. The idea is to promote discussion on the topic, to help you and other travelers plan for their next adventure.