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Madrid - Plaza de Cibeles
How many days in Madrid

Those with a particular interest in art and museums are in for a feast. Madrid’s world famous Prado is only one of it’s many great museums. Despite being a big, bustling and crowded city there are numerous green spaces and colourful gardens to retreat from the hustle and heat.

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How long to spend in Seville

All the Spanish cliché’s come to life in Seville, the queen of the south in Andalucia. Seville is best enjoyed slowly, therefore despite being a compact and relatively small city, Globetrotters should allow at least 2 days to have enough time to see all of the essential sights and soak up the general atmosphere.

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Barcelona Park Guell
How many days in Barcelona

Spain at it’s most modern. Known for it’s incredible Modernisme architecture and with many outstanding works by Antoni Gaudí throughout the city, most notably the enormous and never-ending work-in-progress, the Sagrada Família. In the old town, as well as Barceloneta beach and at Montjuïc, you’ll find that Barcelona is a city of contrasts with much to see and do.

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