View from Accademia Bridge
How many days to spend in Venice


2 days



Culture buffs

4-5 days

Globetrotters – 48 hours in Venice


Morning Wander from St Mark’s to Rialto Bridge
Afternoon Get yourself lost! Explore the quieter Venice
Evening Dorsoduro or St Mark’s Square
Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge

The best thing to do in Venice is just to wander around on foot through the little walkways and alleys, taking it all in and getting a good overview of the island. Start in St Mark’s Square which is the most obvious landmark. After introducing yourself to the pigeons follow the signage to the Rialto bridge. There’s some nice markets once you walk over the bridge and there’s many places here to have a bite to eat.

Having walked past some of Venice’s most popular sights now, try to spend the afternoon simply getting lost and venturing away from the crowds, as it’s in the quiet and cute deserted canals where Venezia’s true beauty lurks. Try to navigate your way to less crowded areas such as the Dorsoduro area and a quieter square known as Campo Santa Margherita. You can either spend the rest of your evening here, or if you can find your way back to St Mark’s Square by the time the sun is setting, the views from St Mark’s Campanile are spectacular on clear days. When you come back down, string quartets typically play in the evenings in the square to really set the scene.


Morning Basilica San Marco & Doge’s Palace
Afternoon See Venice from the water
Evening Shop and/or relax and enjoy the food
Basilica San Marco

Basilica San Marco

Having had a good orientation and overview now, today it’s time to explore and enter some of Venice’s main sights such as the incredible Basilica San Marco (note: church dress code applies). The adjacent Doge’s Palace is massive and it will take a couple of hours to walk through, the highlight for many being walking across the Bridge of Sighs to visit the old prison cells.

In the afternoon, if your budget allows take a relaxing gondola ride. It is expensive but negotiable, and you’ll feel like royalty as your gondolier shows you the city on water. Alternatively you can venture down the grand canal via vaporetto (ferry) or water taxi which is a cheaper option.

With so many amazing glass and mask stores everywhere, as well as amazing bakeries and cafe’s you’ll want to spend a bit of time shopping and relaxing for the rest of the day.

Vacationers – 72 hours in Venice

Follow the Globetrotters itinerary for Days 1 & 2


Morning Murano
Afternoon Burano or Lido
Evening Rialto Bridge
Murano Island

Murano Island

Venezia is one of many islands in the Veneto, so it’s worth hopping on a vaporetto to explore some of the other quieter islands, Murano, most known for it’s glass and Burano, for lace. Try to see a glass demonstration in Murano if possible. Or in the warmer months you might want to consider heading to the beach at Lido.

It’s worth returning to the Rialto Bridge in the evening at least once as the vibe is completely different and much more romantic. Whilst it may be barely possible to step foot on the bridge during the day, at night it’s rather peaceful. The view of the grand canal at night from the bridge, with all the reflections on the water is also a sight to see and there are a number of fantastic restaurants around here too.


Culture buffs

Follow the globetrotters and vacationers itineraries for days 1-3, however on day 2 you might want to spend more time exploring Basilica San Marco & Doge’s Palace and dedicate the majorty of the day to these sights.

View from Accademia Bridge

View from Accademia Bridge


Art lovers must spend a morning exploring Galleria dell’Accademia, and if you’re not art-ed out by that point, the modern Guggenheim Collection is then only a short walk away (or do them in reverse depending on crowds). History buffs might prefer to explore the Cannareggio district, specifically the old Jewish ghetto, and spend the afternoon exploring some of the many beautiful Venetian churches.


There are enough galleries in Venice to keep art enthuasists busy for another day, it really just depends HOW much you want to immerse yourself in it all and what your specific tastes and interests are. There are also many many more churches that a history buff can feast on. A 5th day I would say is optional depending on just how much of a culture buff you consider yourself.

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