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Chain Bridge
How long to spend in Budapest

A city of essentially two cities: there’s Buda in the west, the hilly and mostly residential side of the river, and Pest, the urban and commercial side where you will likely spend the majority of your visit. Budapest has recently become one of the more popular European destinations and luckily not only will you find great food and accommodation at cheap rates, but many of the city’s best sights also won’t cost you a Forint.

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How many days for Iceland’s Ring Road

Before commencing your drive around Iceland, plan at least one full day in Reykjavik and don’t miss the experience of bathing in the Blue Lagoon! You can begin your drive either in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, but the best intro to the countryside would have to be the ‘Golden Circle’. Allow a minimum of one week to drive all the way around the country on this famous and incredibly scenic route.

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New York - Brooklyn Bridge
How many days in New York City

When it comes to NYC, where does one start? Really, the best answer of how long you should visit is “however long you can afford”. It’s so true. It’s impossible to take in everything NYC has to offer in a single trip, and definitely the more time you have the better! Let’s just say here are the essential things that as a first time visitor, you should experience at the bare minimum!

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Berlin - Reichstag
How long to spend in Berlin

One of Europe’s largest cities with so much history and many stories to be told. Start by checking out the incredible architecture of the Reichstag dome, not far away from the iconic Brandenburg Gate. Learn all about the Berlin Wall and the previous division of the city at Checkpoint Charlie. Preserved parts of the Wall can be seen all around, but is best seen at the East Side Gallery.

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How long to spend in Kyoto

Geisha, Maiko, tea houses, shrines & preserved alleys, Kyoto is the embodiment of traditional and old-world Japan. No visit to the country is complete without a visit here! There is just such a seemingly limitless amount of sights and things to do in this charming city that it can be difficult knowing where to start.

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Prague - Old Town Square
How many days in Prague

You’ve heard all the hype: ‘The most beautiful city in Europe’, ‘You could never run out of things to do’ etc. Beautiful – yes. Large – no. Prague is a compact capital, incredibly popular with tourists but with a relatively modest number of ‘key’ sights, making it easily manageable for a weekend break and best appreciated on foot.

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