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Globetrotters – 24 hours in Vilnius


Morning Old Town
Afternoon Hill of the Three Crosses
Evening New Vilnius
Vilnius - Hill of The Three Crosses

Hill of The Three Crosses

Lithuanians enthusiastically refer to Vilnius as a “big village” because locals are linked to each other by only 1-2 degrees of separation. This rural atmosphere will be felt greatest in Old Town. The first thing you will notice about the city is huge number of churches and basilicas. While wandering around, you won’t be able to miss behemoths such as St. Casimir’s near the Town Hall, St Nicholas’s Church and of course, Vilnius Katedra.

The Katedra forms the centrepiece of Vilnius along with the Presidential Palace, and the National Museum. Climb the hill to Gediminas Castle and enjoy the view before hitting the cobblestone streets for lunch. I highly recommend trying Lithuanian zeppelins. They go particularly well with local beer, such as Švyturys.

Make sure you also check out the Gate of Dawn south of the city. From there, you can make your way towards the Orthodox Cathedral. Go back in time with a stroll through Užupis district, which lies just across the bridge. You can take a break at Bernardine Park before climbing the hills overlooking Vilnius. There are many hills that you can climb but the Hill of the Three Crosses is a must.

Gediminas Avenue is the city’s main thoroughfare. It begins from in front of the Katedra and runs all the way to the River Neris. This is the modern side of Vilnius where you will find the Drama Theater, many shops, restaurants, cafés and several parks. Cross the river north of the city and grab a coffee at the plaza under the Swedbank building. This is where you can complete the day by watching a spectacular sunset.

Vacationers – 48 hours in Vilnius

Follow the Globetrotters itinerary for Day 1.

DAY 2 – Trakai

Morning Trakai Castle
Afternoon Lake Galvė
Evening Vilnius Old Town

Vilnius - Gediminas Castle

Trakai is the locals’ favoured weekend getaway. Situated just under an hour away, trains and buses run regularly throughout the day to and from Vilnius. The town’s main attraction is of course, Trakai Castle (pictured at the top of this page). Take a walk and absorb the beautiful surroundings of Lake Galvė. Don’t miss tasting traditional Kybyns with bouillon by dropping into one of numerous Karaitian restaurants.

Once you’ve had enough of Trakai, you can return to Vilnius and see the sunset from Gediminas Castle.

Culture Buffs – 72 hours in Vilnius

Follow the Vacationers itinerary for Days 1-2.


Morning Vilnius University
Afternoon Museums and Churches
Evening TV Tower

Vilnius Katedra

If you’re lucky enough to be in Vilnius on a Sunday, definitely be in Old Town. The city comes alive as market stalls spring up in all the main squares and along most streets. Otherwise, Vilnius University may be worth a visit. The campus is located in the heart of the city.

If you’re interested in the history of Lithuania, the National Museum and the KGB Museum should satisfy your curiosity. Amber is an important commodity in Lithuania and the Amber Museum will tell you all about it and more.

Art-lovers should check out the Vilnius Picture Gallery or the numerous galleries around the city, particularly in the Užupis district. You can also spend an entire day or more visiting all the churches and basilicas that Vilnius has to offer.

On the western outskirts, the TV Tower can provide a splendid view of Vilnius and its surrounding region.

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