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It’s become one of Europe’s hottest destinations & is often the first or last stop for many visitors sailing around the Croatian islands. Luckily, Dubrovnik’s charms are easy to find & the old city is small & compact, meaning that spending just one day here before or after a tour, our just coming for the weekend, is plenty of time to see the sights & soak up the atmosphere.



Morning Old Town
Afternoon Banje
Evening Old Town Walls


So you’re here to see the old town, right? Well it’s actually very compact & all the major sights are contained within the old city walls. Walking from one end of the main predestined street (Placa) to the other takes only 5mins. That is of course unless it’s a weekend in Aug (peak season) where you’ll be joined by half of Italy.

The best & most impressive thing to do in the old town to walk along the city’s walls, but it’s best to leave this until later in the day when it’s quieter, and is a fantastic way to watch the sunset too. So start the day by entering the city from it’s main gate, Pile Gate. Walk along Placa & check out some of the many sights off it, such as the Franciscan Monastery, Rector’s Palace, Sponza’s Palace, clock tower & Onofrio Fountain. To get a good introduction of the historical significance of many of these sights a guided walking tour is recommended. Then take some time to explore some of the back streets & little alleyways where great galleries & cafe’s can be found.



In the afternoon if there’s time & weather permitting, one of Dubrovnik’s most popular beaches, Banje, lies just east outside the city walls. Exit the old City via Ploce Gate and walk for about 5mins to reach the sand. Or if you don’t mind jumping into the water from rocks, another good spot for a dip is tucked just around the bend from the old port (inside the old city walls).

Walking along the city walls

Walking along the city walls

By this point the the sun is probably getting lower in the sky so now is the perfect time to begin walking along the city walls. Take your time doing the walk and have your camera ready for the most spectacular views over the old city. Give yourself about an hour if not more to walk all the way around, although it can be done quicker if you don’t have time. You can exit at many points along the way so you don’t have to do the entire loop if you run out of steam.

Walking along the city walls

Fantastic views whilst walking along the city walls

All that walking will no doubt get you in need for dinner. There’s some great restaurants in the Old Port & Luža square. After dark Dubrovnik becomes even more charming & in summer the old town oozes with energy. It won’t be hard to find a bar or cafe with great atmosphere to close off one amazing day in Dubrovnik.

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Follow the Globetrotters itinerary for day 1.


Morning Boat ride to Lokrum
Afternoon Ploce or Cable Car
Evening Old Port
Swimming spot in Lokrum

Swimming spot in Lokrum

Having explored most of the sights of the old town on Day 1, it’s time to venture elsewhere. A poplar short trip from the old port is a boat ride over to the island of Lokrum. This is the island closest to the old city and can be seen when walking along the city walls. On a packed Summers day Lokrum is a more peaceful alternative to other beaches on the mainland…not that you’ll be alone, but certainly less crowded. There are a couple of historical buildings worth taking a look at on Lokrum such as the former Benedictine monastery and the Fort (which can be reached via a steep incline walk). There’s also a botanical garden and many swimming spots.

View of old town from Ploce

View of old town from Ploce

Once back on the mainland, to get that popular picture postcard view of Dubrovnik, head to Ploce. From Banje beach, just start walking up some staircases and as you get higher the views become more & more spectacular. For those who aren’t too keen on stairs, an alternative way to get a great ariel view of the town is via Dubrovnik’s cable car that takes you up to Mt Srđ. For the remainder of the day just chill out, perhaps on the beach and enjoy the relaxed vibe of this beautiful city. A good place to head for dinner is the Old Port.


Culture buffs

Franciscan Monastery

Franciscan Monastery

Spend a third day spending more time in the old city, visiting some the places of interest that you might have missed on the first day. Dubrovnik is a place with so much history, and history buffs will be in their element learning about the interesting and tumultuous past of this former republic.

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