How many days in Amsterdam


1-2 days


2 days

Culture buffs

3 days


DAY 1 – Essential experiences

Morning Anne Frank Museum
Afternoon Explore the canals
Evening Red Light District
Wooden Clogs in Amsterdam

Wooden Clogs in Amsterdam

Start in Amsterdam’s prettiest district Jordaan and join what many know to be the longest queue in the city…also known as the queue to the Anne Frank Museum. Booking in advance is reccommended or get there nice and early. It’s popular for a reason and no visitor to the city should miss this interesting and moving museum. Adjacent to the museum is the iconic Westerkirk, it’s tower can be climbed for nice views over Jordaan. Directly opposite the Anne Frank Museum boats depart for canal tours which last 1hr, another unmissable Amsterdam experience. You can opt to do a canal tour later in the afternoon or evening for something more romantic.

If you’re confident enough, do as the Dutch do and explore the city on bike in the afternoon. There’s plenty of choice for bike rental places. Your accommodation may even offer it. Riding through the Jordaan district or outer areas of the city will be more peaceful and enjoyable. At some point you will no doubt pass by Dam Square (the centre of the city’s shopping district) and Nieuwe Kerk. Eventually make your way towards the Red Light District and go inside Oude Kerk, the oldest building in the city. If you’ve seen how busy the bike lanes are and feel that it’s not for you, don’t dismay, spending the afternoon walking a similar path is equally as enjoyable. Wander the beautiful canals and take in the picturesque town squares.

Spend your evening doing what you probably came to Amsterdam to do, to have a lot of fun! Start in the bustling yet somewhat seedy Red Light District. Get an insight into the city’s main claims to fame that makes millions of Euros every year but makes the locals cringe. Whatever your stance is on the girls in windows, the live shows and coffeeshops, they need to be seen to be believed and are truly eye opening. Have a great night!

DAY 2 – Essential museums

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum


There are still a number of major draw cards the city offers that some Globetrotters won’t want to miss, namely the Rijksmuseum, Van Gough Museum and the Heinken Experience. Some of these, or none of these might be of interest to you. Therefore consider allowing an extra half day or full day depending on which of these sights take your interest.

Vacationers – 48 hours in Amsterdam

Follow the Globetrotters itinerary for Day 1.


Morning Jordaan
Afternoon Art & markets
Evening Vondelpark
Amsterdam Jordaan

Canal in Jordaan

A vacationer should spend some more time enjoying the beautiful streets and peaceful canals in Jordaan which makes for a nice morning walk (or ride). Head towards the ‘9 streets district‘ which features lots of cool, funky shops and more picturesque canals and bridges. Hop on a tram to check out at least one of the city’s main art museums: Van Gough or Rijksmuseum. Perhaps you might find time for both depending on how quickly you get through them. But if art isn’t your thing, the Heineken Experience is right next to the Rijksmuseum.

Check out some of the local markets, the most popular being the Albert Cuyp Market (for anything and everything) and the floating flower market (mainly for tulips, flowers and general souvenirs). A short walk from the floating flower market is the Begijnhof, a quiet residential courtyard with an interesting history and a ‘hidden’ church.

If you’ve still got some daylight left by this stage, spend some time at the beautiful Vondelpark.

Culture Buffs

Follow the Vacationers itinerary for Days 1-2.

Amsterdam Eye Institute

Eye Institute


Amsterdam offers a little more than the average city when it comes to art and museums, so Culture Buffs may want to consider spending an extra day or two taking in some of the following…

Art lovers should stop by Rembrandt’s house and may want to dedicate more time to the Rijksmuseum on Day 2, therefore may not fit in Van Gough in the same day. There’s also the Hermitage Amsterdam. For those with in interest in film, take the free ferry to the Amsterdam Noord bank and head to the EYE Film Institute, the unique building is a sight in itself (pictured to the right).

History buffs should check out the Joods Historisch Museum (which includes the Portuguese Synagogue) in the Jewish quarter and/or the Amsterdam Historisch Museum. History buffs may also like to allow some time to wander around the Noord village (also via the free ferry), and the Waag in Nieuwmarkt. Nemo is a popular science museum housed in another uniquely designed building and position.

Music buffs should keep an eye on the upcoming gigs at the Paradiso and there’s free lunch concerts at Muziektheater, Royal Concertgebouw and Bedcuyp (certain days of the week only). In summer there are concerts in the Vondelpark.

Any extra time up your sleeve on this day could be spent simply wandering the beautiful canals and taking in the picturesque town squares. Taking the time to soak up the atmosphere is one of the best things you can do in Amsterdam.

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